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This video will walk you through how to transfer a Wisconsin title into your name and apply for or transfer license plates using the Wisconsin DMVs online a. An heir or heirs may transfer ownership of a vehicle when a decedent leaves solely-owned property not exceeding 50,000 in value.
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  • Once signed by both parties, it becomes a binding contract.
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    Wisconsin allows third-party agencies to process title transfers and issue new plates for walk-in customers.

  • Application for Replacement or Transfer of Title (REG 227) form.
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  • In the event that a judge awarded you the car, some states accept a standard copy of the divorce decree as proof of your claim.
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    Title - Original or transfer of title.

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  • DMV titleregistration service agents; Temporary license plate agents; Note Titles are printed and mailed from the Wisconsin Department of.
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    Share your form with others.

  • To obtain a replacement title please use form MV2119, Replacement Title Application.
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    Deceased Person&39;s Estate valued at 50,000 or less, please submit the following.